Misaki City, Japan

Lunamaria Works No. 1, 1-2, Misaki-cho

Shanghai, China

No. 8¾, Wanshan Road, Changning District

Workshop Members

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."


Director & Full Stack Engineer

Suffering from post-vacation blues and severe procrastination.
Not much gaming, and no games on my phone.
I'm a werewolf.
Responsible for project scheduling and programming, as well as art design, some translation and proofreading.
"Large size rooms may not be elegant, small number flowers can be fragrant."

nekoloaf (猫面包)

Art Design & Font QA

Junior Member of Workshop.
General fans of type-moon-related and Typography-related activities.
Love cats but haven't had the chance to keep them.
Occasional cooking, delaying things a lot.

Lan Yü (斓语)

Translator & Proofreader

FGO disabled person
Rin Tohsaka (遠坂凛)


ReA (れあ)

Mascot & Art Design

=れあ or れあどん
=(Tung Tung) 咚咚
Severe foolish bot
At the moment, all I do is chase stars, paint and fall in love.
I'm a otaku. I'll catch up on new episodes, but I'll give up on the ones I don't like.
I wish I had as much hair as my avatar.
There's nothing more to say.

Fen Ch'en (粉尘)

Translator & Proofreader

The name means Landolt-Ring Aerosol.
He hasn't filled out his profile yet.

Feng Yeh (风叶)

Translator & Proofreader


Li Lin (璃凜)

Traditional Chinese Proofreader

Moderately heavy Type-Moon fans and lazy cancer.
FGO Taiwan settlers.
Japanese ability is about...N4 level?



Just treat anything that you don't understand as binary, then you'll be fine.

助手 (Assistant)

Art Design



Severe incomplete Type-Moon fans.
In-depth (intellectual disability) learning practitioner
Loaf on the FGO China server
Japanese language N2 registration without taking the exam level
(So when is the new Chinese translate of the Key's new game going to be published?



Goof off in this team.
Cybersecurity Practitioner
Members of team
Existing projects

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